The girl with the red slippers

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There are times before I go to sleep that I wish I don’t wake up anymore.

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A rare photo of Marilyn photographed by Richard Avedon, 1957.
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To see you such in a good mood
Makes me want to brood
Not because i’m not happy for you
But because i’m kinda selfish too

You were talking to her
Your one and all before
About her life and her someone new
You were happy outside but thinking it wasn’t you

And now you’re blue
Because it’s too good to be true
How her life is so good
With you not there but you think it should

But she’s history
And you’re still in misery
I wish I could take down your wall
And be your all

Because i’ll be here always
I hope, for the rest of our days
With hair in curl
My little hat girl